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  • TroopsDirect Executive Director Aaron Negherbon – on The Sean Hannity Show 11/11/15
    November 17th, 2015

    By TroopsDirect

    congressman hunterTroopsDirect Executive Director Aaron Negherbon could be heard with Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) last week on The Sean Hannity Show (Forward audio link to 18:25 to hear Aaron and the Congressman.)  The men were discussing how our own troops are struggling to obtain the basic equipment they need from the Department of Defense and how TroopsDirect is stepping in while our own government fails them.

    The staff wrote a nice recap of the conversation and highlighted the basic but necessary mission of TroopsDirect.  Thank you to The Sean Hannity Show for inviting us to be part of this important discussion, and thank you as always to Congressman Hunter for his service to our country and his unwavering support of TroopsDirect and those we serve.

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  • How and Why 97 Cents on the Dollar Goes to Fulfilling the TroopsDirect Mission
    November 9th, 2015

    By TroopsDirect

    We are often asked how it is that we do what we do and how we are able to do it so efficiently and effectively.  We made the decision from Day One to avoid the overhead found in so many nonprofit charitable organizations. Why? Because every dollar we spend on something other than supplies is one less dollar going to fulfilling our mission. Many large nonprofits have a ton of overhead. Either they spend a lot of money to make money or they need a lot of staff to activate programs.  And, on a personal note, we find organizations that financially benefit from preying on the public’s desire to help our soldiers and vets to be totally unacceptable.

    We run a VERY lean organization.  Specifically, we don’t partner with other organizations, which again means very little overhead.  This yields a larger program percentage; you can be assured that $0.97 of every $1.00 donated goes directly to our active-duty troops.  This is practically unheard of in the nonprofit world. Our mission is simple:  we fulfill requests.  We buy stuff and send stuff. We are here to do what we can to put life-saving, mission-necessary supplies in the hands of the men and women who need them. Simple. And we do it quickly and efficiently.

    Recently, a request came in from a specialized unit, preparing to deploy.  They requested a large number of Samsung tablets.  They didn’t want to have to ship out without them, and normal supply chains were not going to deliver in time.  We got the call.  We made some calls.  Those troops deployed with mission-critical tablets, which would be used to communicate with air support. Thanks to supporters like you and your donations…we are able to say, “Yes.  We can do that.”


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  • Royals Outfielder Jonny Gomes: MVP for our service members!
    November 3rd, 2015

    By TroopsDirect

    Royals Outfielder Jonny Gomes (photo courtesy of

    Royals Outfielder Jonny Gomes (photo courtesy of

    Heroes crop up in the unlikeliest of places, and in this case, on the baseball diamond.  And on baseball’s biggest stage:  the World Series.

    Game 5 of the World Series saw an unlikely hero in Kansas City Royals infielder Christian Colon who, in his first at bat in the postseason, drove in the go-ahead run in the 12th inning to help the Royals #TakeTheCrown and win their first World Series in 30 years.

    Interviewed by Erin Andrews of FOX Sports on the field after the game, the first question asked of Colon was how he stayed ready during the game.

    Jonny Gomes, he was just taking me under his wing, letting me know what I needed to do in certain situations,” he said with tears in his eyes. “That’s why you bring a guy over (in a trade).”

    Veteran outfielder Gomes was traded to the Royals in late August but wasn’t on the playoff roster. But as Colon and the rest of the Royals can attest to, that doesn’t mean he didn’t contribute. Gomes is known as one of the best teammates in baseball, a guy who will always put the team first. And that mentality doesn’t stop on the ball field.

    In true Gomes fashion, he decided to auction off 4 players tickets, to both Games 3 and 4 in Citi Field, Queens, with all of the proceeds going to TroopsDirect. This resulted in $8,150 that will be spent on procurement and shipment of requested supplies directly to our forward-deployed soldiers.

    “TroopsDirect and this nation’s service members are very lucky to have the support of Jonny and the entire Royals organization,” said TroopsDirect Executive Director Aaron Negherbon.  “Jonny has been a huge supporter of TroopsDirect. He embodies everything that is great about Major League Baseball and the patriotism that baseball evokes in us all.”

    The need is real; we are contacted on a daily basis by deployed service members for mission-critical supplies that they are unable to procure due to supply chain issues or various other reasons. Regardless of the reason, we are here to help our soldiers at their time of need, and help them as fast as possible.  Please help us today!  SHARE this blog post  to help us spread the word and DONATE so we can help our soldiers.

    Toll Free: 877-97-TROOPS (877-978-7667)


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