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  • Executive Director Aaron Negherbon visits Washington, D.C.
    March 1st, 2016

    By TroopsDirect

    Last week, TroopsDirect Founder and Executive Director Aaron Negherbon attended a Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. to address supply deficiencies faced by our troops. “We were very encouraged not only by the interest of the Congressional attendees in what we do but in their desire to address the troop supply deficiencies immediately. This meeting wasn’t about determining blame. It was about looking for solutions.”




    Negherbon went on to say, “TroopsDirect helps to fill the gap but all agreed that the issue requires more than a band aid. With the continued support of those in Congress, particularly Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA 50th District) who has been championing this issue, we’re hopeful to bring more in to the fold to help insure our forward-deployed troops have everything they need to do their jobs and come home safely. It’s too important an issue to not take action.”

    Thank you to Representative Hunter for his unwavering support of our military heroes, their families, and TroopsDirect.  For more on Representative Hunter, click here.

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