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  • TroopsDirect appears in American Profile
    January 23rd, 2016

    By TroopsDirect

    American Profile recently featured a great interview with TroopsDirect founder Aaron Negherbon.  Even since this piece was written, TroopsDirect has surpassed 1 million pounds of supplies being shipped to troops!  (Read our recent blog post on that milestone here.)

    In the piece, Aaron shares the story of his very first overseas shipment: “The idea for Troops Direct started after I sent a friend of mine, a Marine Corp company commander who was serving overseas, some care packages of general things he needed. That was when I learned our troops weren’t always issued some of the main staples I thought were readily accessible. Like most people I just assumed that items such as stretchers, gloves, communications equipment and gun lubricant were always available. But the more stories I heard about what the troops didn’t have the more I knew I had to do something to help.”

    Aaron goes on to explain the standard requisition process for troops, and why the often don’t end up shipping out with the very supplies they most need.  “Given the size and complexity of the military the standard requisition process is laden with paperwork and bureaucracy. Before a deployment, many stateside supply officers will put in requests for what they need given the budget they have to work with. And then they either get everything or some of what they asked for.

    It’s a different story when overseas. You can be in a remote environment and not know what, if anything, is available for a mission. Successfully shipping supplies often presents a completely different set of challenges. Stateside supplies can be received in a day, week or a month depending on the deployment. When troops are overseas it can often take many months if it happens at all. When circumstances are fluid, what may be needed next week isn’t necessarily what will be needed months down the road.”

    Thanks to American Profile for highlighting our organization and our mission!

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