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  • Happy 75th Birthday, Coast Guard Reserve!
    February 19th, 2016

    By TroopsDirect

    February 19 is formally recognized as the birth of the #CoastGuardReserve while June 23 is recognized as birthday of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. On Dec. 7, 1941, Lt. Cmdr. Frank D. Higbee ordered the Auxiliary to duty in the 11th Naval District (Calif.) and told them (in effect): “Come back with your shield, or on it!”

    For 75 years the Coast Guard Reserve has taken on the job of “utility responder” and has served in every major conflict or crisis this nation has faced. The Coast Guard Reserve has seen action from the beaches of France and Iwo Jima in World War II, to the shores of the gulf coast for Deepwater Horizon.

    Since February 19, 1941, the Coast Guard Reserve has taken its full place alongside their brothers and sisters in the other Armed Forces. Every Coast Guard reservist and every American can take great pride in the professionalism, patriotism and preparedness displayed.

    Thank you to the nearly 7000 men and women who serve today! #SupportOurTroops #USA

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  • TroopsDirect reaches one million pounds shipped milestone!
    January 15th, 2016

    By TroopsDirect

    PrintBig news around here! We recently shipped our one millionth pound of supplies to our U.S. troops! We are the nation’s only civilian-run organization that responds in real time to medical and tactical supply requests that come directly from forward-deployed, U.S. soldiers.

    “If most Americans knew what our fighting soldiers didn’t have in the battlefield, they would be shocked,” says founder Aaron Negherbon, who has no military background. “TroopsDirect doesn’t question why or where our soldiers are fighting. But we do feel it’s our duty and obligation as Americans to make sure that anyone sent in to harm’s way has everything necessary to do their jobs and come home safely.”

    Since its inception in 2010, the five most commonly requested items from forward-deployed troops, most commonly Special Forces units serving in the Middle East and Northern Africa, are:

    · Helmets
    · Stretchers
    · Plate carriers (body armor)
    · Ballistic eye protection
    · Gun lubricant

    Having made roughly 600 dedicated shipments over the past five years, to some of the most remote places on earth, TroopsDirect has served as a lifeline to soldiers who are often unable to get the tools they need due to complicated supply chains, unexpected troop movement and budgetary constraints.

    “Where it can take weeks or sometimes months for troops to have supply requests fulfilled, we are usually able to get them what they need in seven days or less,” says Negherbon, who gave up a lucrative real estate career to launch the organization. “We know the hurdles facing the military when it comes to supply fulfillment and serve as an adjunct to their efforts. We each have the same goal – successful missions and safe soldiers.”

    In addition to the most commonly requested items, other commonly requested supplies include special chalk for marking IED’s, medical kits, tourniquets, rifle slings and communications equipment. The most unusual request?

    “Not long ago we received a request for a large shipment of men’s hair dye,” says Negherbon. “The guys with blonde, red and light brown hair were standing out when trying to blend in with local populations. That was nothing more than a trip to the drugstore but opened my eyes to a world that’s hard to fathom for most Americans.”

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  • Recap TroopsDirect’s best 2015 stories on YouTube!
    December 29th, 2015

    By TroopsDirect

    2015 was quite a year, and we shipped more mission-necessary and lifesaving supplies to our deployed troops than ever before.  We couldn’t have done it without your tremendous support, coupled with the support of our corporate friends.

    If you didn’t know, we’ve got a great YouTube channel, and as we build it out, we are featuring the popular “Weekly Updates” that you see on Facebook.  We have placed them on a playlist on YouTube and they’re called “Troops Direct Support Reports.”

    Take a look; maybe you’ve missed some of the outstanding stories and concrete examples of what we do on a daily basis.  You can see the amazing fire suppression blankets (manufactured by Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc.) that we sent overseas, as well as learn about how troops in the field requested Helios Systems, used to prevent and manage hypothermia.  One of our most-often requested items?  Hand-held and wrist-top #GPS units. When our troops request it, we deliver.  Fast.  Nutrition bars, socket wrenches, you name it, we’ll send it.  No red tape!

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  • How and Why 97 Cents on the Dollar Goes to Fulfilling the TroopsDirect Mission
    November 9th, 2015

    By TroopsDirect

    We are often asked how it is that we do what we do and how we are able to do it so efficiently and effectively.  We made the decision from Day One to avoid the overhead found in so many nonprofit charitable organizations. Why? Because every dollar we spend on something other than supplies is one less dollar going to fulfilling our mission. Many large nonprofits have a ton of overhead. Either they spend a lot of money to make money or they need a lot of staff to activate programs.  And, on a personal note, we find organizations that financially benefit from preying on the public’s desire to help our soldiers and vets to be totally unacceptable.

    We run a VERY lean organization.  Specifically, we don’t partner with other organizations, which again means very little overhead.  This yields a larger program percentage; you can be assured that $0.97 of every $1.00 donated goes directly to our active-duty troops.  This is practically unheard of in the nonprofit world. Our mission is simple:  we fulfill requests.  We buy stuff and send stuff. We are here to do what we can to put life-saving, mission-necessary supplies in the hands of the men and women who need them. Simple. And we do it quickly and efficiently.

    Recently, a request came in from a specialized unit, preparing to deploy.  They requested a large number of Samsung tablets.  They didn’t want to have to ship out without them, and normal supply chains were not going to deliver in time.  We got the call.  We made some calls.  Those troops deployed with mission-critical tablets, which would be used to communicate with air support. Thanks to supporters like you and your donations…we are able to say, “Yes.  We can do that.”


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